Fist of the North Star S Rank


I thought this was going to be really easy for Athena since the entire dungeon is dark, but there were a few points that made this a bit difficult for me:

  • Compared to something like the Insect Dragons, every floor has a decent amount of HP to go through.
  • To address this I switched out my Meimei and GZL for Verche and Izanagi to get more light damage.
  • This means I lost 3 skill boosts. This combined with 4 floors puts a lot of pressure on your skill cooldowns.
  • The time reduction on the first floor really makes it hard to match TPAs and also get decent combo counts.

Sadly Izanagi was pretty useless as his skill was never available, but I don’t have many other high level light creatures with a TPA so I just went with him. I really should’ve used my Apollo instead, but for some reason I forgot I had him. The absence of Meimei means the final floor isn’t guaranteed, but luckily there were enough dark orbs for Verche to make 3 TPAs.