First 300 Stamina, 2 Shynpys


Being in-between events, I decided to try the Py coin dungeons for the first time. In my first 300 or so stamina I got 2 Shynpy drops. Not sure I’ll be this lucky in PAD again. As if to confirm this, I’ve spent about 1000 stamina since and haven’t even seen one.

However, Pys don’t need to drop to make this worthwhile. The insane EXP combined with decent +egg drops and great EXP fodder makes farming alt. technicals extremely lucrative. I’m just sad there isn’t more time to farm them before the next rotation. I hear the other set with Pengdras isn’t nearly as good — since it looks like they take about 50% more stamina to run — but now that Pengdras are actually good, running them has to be decent for fodder EXP at the very least.

Now, what am I going to use these on? No clue. I’d rather them be water ones for Karin TBH. Supergirl seems the most likely target, but they’ll likely collect dust in my box until I decide to play with my light monsters again.