The Cost of a Pandora Skill Up

1074What is the total stamina cost of a Pandora skill up? Pandora’s skill up fodder is 1187 Dark Sprite, Cattleya which only drops as 1186 Black Faerie. The only realistic place to farm these is in Pandora’s survey dungeon, Shadow Sprite. This dungeon has a 40 stamina Master version with an expected 40% drop rate and a 15 stamina Expert version at 15%. Black Faeries require 44,520 EXP and 154 159 159 to evo. Let’s look into how much stamina Pandora skill ups take.

The EV for a 1186 Black Faerie is 100 stamina for either difficulty.

Thursday dungeon Intermediate is the most reliable way to get 154 Dragon Plants. During 2x weekday dungeon events, the Dragon Plant is a guaranteed drop. Well, almost guaranteed, as Dragon Fruit invades that can replace the guaranteed Dragon Plant prevent an even 10 stamina per. For the sake of this exercise, the invade will be ignored and 10 stamina per drop will be used.

Unlike Dragon Plants, there is no straightforward way to farm 159 Amelits. The lowest difficulty Friday dungeon has an expected 33% drop rate if you only consider the final floor. This would make it about 30 stamina/drop. If you were fortunate to get an extra Amelit per run from floors 1-4, that would make it 15 stamina/drop. However, my Dungeon of Darkness 1/2 stamina runs have resulted in 7.72 stamina/drop in 247 runs. Seems pretty good. I’ll round up and say Amelits are 8 stamina/drop.

For the most part, the survey dungeon itself will drop most of the EXP needed to max level a Black Faerie. Depending on your drop rate you’ll need to get more or less EXP from outside the dungeon, but for the sake of this exercise I’ll ignore any stamina costs for gathering EXP fodder.

To evo any 1186 Black Faerie to a 1187 Dark Sprite, it will cost about 100 + 10 + 8 + 8 = 126 stamina / Dark Sprite. Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Each attempt has 20% success or an expected 5 feeds per skill up. This brings us to 630 stamina / skill up.

Oh yeah, Pandora needs 5 skill ups. This brings us up to 3150 stamina to max skill her.

Assuming you have 150 max stamina, it will take 21 stamina bars to max skill her. For IAP, expect to spend around 20 stones, the less the more patient you are.

For non-IAP, it will take 11 days of natural regen regardless of your max stamina. If you’re running this as a coin dungeon, there’s a decent chance you can enough drops to max skill your Hero in the two weeks allotted. If this is the initial run of the survey dungeon, you are very likely to max skill your Hero due to the bonus drop days. If this is a repeat appearance where you get about three days, you’ll obviously have to stone.

Of course this rate gets better if there is 1.5x or 2x drop bonus:

  • 1.5x: 66.7 stamina / Black Faerie, 92.7 stamina / Dark Sprite, 463.3 stamina / skill up, 2316.5 to max skill
  • 2x: 50 stamina / Black Faerie, 76 stamina / Dark Sprite, 380 stamina / skill up, 1900 to max skill

This calculation should work for any Hero that has a survey dungeon (as of this writing all except Son Wukong do). Max skilling your Hero is well worth it, no matter how much stamina it takes. Good luck!