Godfest: Chinese & Norse 2/18-2/19


The next godfest has been announced. As expected, Chinese is in, but is accompanied by the underwhelming Norse. The Odins are at 1x.

I gave the Chinese pantheon an A and Norse a C. While I still need to go back and improve my reviews, I stand by these grades. This is a decent godfest if you’re looking for row subs, especially if you need a non-god from the light gala. The only long term leader solution is Sakuya — I&I is good, but needs particular REM subs — so I wouldn’t roll in this if you’re looking to expand your leader repertoire. Getting right down to it, the Chinese alone make this godfest worth rolling in as you’re either getting a top tier sub for their respective color or a top tier leader, just be aware that you may be left with some Norse gods that you may not have an immediate use for.

The Odins being at 1x is a blessing in disguise:

  • GOdin can cheese you through the early game, but you don’t need one yourself to do this. There are some niche uses for his 2k auto heals, but I’ve found that he’s very disappointing in the late game.
  • ROdin is a premium farming sub, but the 3 rows and 3 skill boosts sound more impressive than they really are. Easily the best and most useful of the three, though
  • BOdin is basically ROdin without the farming utility due to the lack of poison. An essential BSonia sub, but not many are able to field that team.