Verdandi Team Building Part 1


With the advent of the the Liu Bei uevos on NA, I decided to commit my +eggs to my Verdandi team. I was considering giving them to Pandora, but after playing with that team a bit I wasn’t that impressed. Pandora is extremely powerful, for sure, but I hated feeling constantly orb starved. Sure, my orb changers made getting 8+ dark orbs consistent, but I don’t know, something didn’t feel right. I guess I’m just a TPA shitter for life.

I will likely immediately regret my decision when Pandora’s uevo is announced (this week, maybe?).

Anyways, as you can see, I still have a lot of work to do for Verdandi. In particular, the second Liu Bei needs his uevo and 7 Tamas (I’m debating if the Tama coin dungeon is worth it…). The Liu Beis are max skilled, but Verdandi (and potentially GZL if Zhao Yun is the mystery dungeon) needs skill ups. Obviously they all need levels. Elize is currently occupying the flex spot. My Leeza, Sasuke, Ceres, and other utility subs are ready to be swapped in, but I still need to raise another GZL and Verdandi to put in the rotation. And I haven’t even started on the row and TPA/row hybrid team. Well, at least this will keep me busy for a while.