Skill Up Log – Verdandi


With the advent of the Liu Bei uevos and the evo mat skill ups rotating again in a few days, I decided to skill up my Verdandi. The results were quite lucky:

Monster Tries Success Rate
Verdandi 10 5 50.00%

Yup, 50%. 2/5 then 3/5. I hate to dwell on the past, but my Pandora and Haku skill ups were so painful that I can’t help but misguidedly feel like this is due reparations from GungHo. Well, I’ll count my blessings and hope this is just the beginning of a lucky streak (yeah right).

My current skill up rate is 391/2097 or 18.65%. That’s -0.07% since my last skill up post. Yes, I managed to run bad enough to actually lower my success rate despite this 5/10. Oh well. I’m also going to look into giving more meaningful stats, like stats for past X rolls, but math/statistics aren’t my strong suit so I’ll have to do some research to see what makes sense.