Farming Zhao Yun Descended

1711Oh, the joy that is farming descendeds for skill ups. I had farmed Hera-Sowilo and Hera-Beorc for skills ups before, but Zhao Yun is on a different level. Not only was it much more difficult on Mythical, but Legend isn’t the greatest alternative since the skill up fodder doesn’t drop 100% like it does in the Heras. GZL was high on my list of skill up targets as having his damage boost available for the boss of short 4-5 floor dungeons will make farming much faster and more consistent. With that in mind, I went through the painful process of farming his skill ups.

Here’s the team I settled on to farm the dungeon. I also tried a GZL variant, but I had a hard time consistently clearing it with him as a lead. Verdandi is much more forgiving due to her vast HP pool.

Team Breakdown

  • Verdandi – While there are only 3 fire monsters on the team, my HP was over 33k which allowed me to take hits and stall when necessary. This is something that GZL just couldn’t provide. She is critical for providing a skill bind resist.
  • GZL – I put him in the second slot to play around Divinegon’s dark absorb. GZL provides the necessary burst to one shot Zhao Yun and also provides a skill bind resist.
  • Perseus – A new addition to my wood arsenal, uevo Perseus provides two critical skill bind resists which provided me the flexibility of choosing more subs without skill bind resists. His orb change, while unskilled, is still quite useful and his time extend helps against Dragon Samurai’s preemptive. He may not have a TPA, but he was a critical member of the team.
  • Liu Bei – The main damage dealer of the team, Liu Bei can also combine with Verdandi to make a two-color G/R board to consistently one shot Zhao Yun.
  • Sasuke – This is a flex spot for a quick orb changer. I tried out Elize and Leeza, but I preferred Sasuke since he benefits from GZL’s boost to attackers and has high attack himself. The overlap with Perseus’s orb change didn’t come up very often.
  • Verdandi – I actually have a decent amount of hypermax or near-hypermax Verdandi friends which helped tremendously.

All monsters were max skilled except Perseus and GZL (well, GZL is now max skilled).

Floor Breakdown

This breakdown is for Mythical, but much of it can be applied to Legend as all of the key points present in both difficulties.

  1. Make sure to kill the Water Ninja in one shot to avoid the bind. One wood TPA should do it. If you get orb trolled feel free to use Sasuke here.
  2. A good floor to stall on. If you match TPAs, Jyaki will die first so you don’t have to worry about his skills. I found that 2 wood TPAs with a couple other combos can take out the Light Ninja in one go.
  3. Dragon Shogun isn’t a big challenge, but his time reduction preemptive will make the next 5 turns annoying. You can stall a turn while he makes some poison orbs, but I suggest you kill him before he uses his 99% gravity. If you don’t, Verdandi’s leader skill will provide significantly less damage the next turn. I usually use a Verdandi active here to make sure he is dead before he can use it.
  4. Divinegon is quite easy, but he can be annoying if he binds your Perseus. Make sure your Perseus is unbound before you kill him. If you kill him while Perseus is at “1” expecting him to become unbound for the next floor, he’ll still be bound for GZL’s preemptive skill bind and won’t contribute to the resist. This applies to all your skill bind subs, but Perseus is the most critical one to get unbound. Remember to use his bind recovery awakening when the hearts are available.
  5. If you resist the skill bind the rest of the dungeon is simple. If not, you’re gonna have to try and stall until it expires. Mini GZL can make stalling a pain since he can make wood orbs. Usually this is a great thing, but if you get him down too far he will bind your team and annihilate you. Play it as safe as you can here and don’t be afraid of overkilling to make sure he’s dead.
  6. I try to have Verdandi + Liu Bei + GZL up for Zhao Yun. This combo will usually one shot him, particularly if a row is involved; remember you have 3 rows on this team which still provides a decent damage boost. If you fuck up and don’t one shot him, I hope you have the skills to 6+ combo to overcome the combo shield he puts up the first turn. I know I don’t, so this is where I failed the dungeon most of the time.

Each individual floor seems quite easy, but it’s that combination in that sequence that made it difficult for me to clear consistently. I got fed up and started to farm Legend since I can clear that 100% of the time.


Zhao Yun Descended
Difficulty Runs Stamina Stones
Legend 36 1800 7
Mythical 5 250 1
Total 41 2050 8
Zhao Yun Mini GZL Divinegon
Diff. Drop Drop / Run Stam Per Drops Drop / Run Stam Per Drops Drop / Run Stam Per
Leg. 23 63.89% 78.26 18 50.00% 100.00 2 5.56% 900
Myth. 5 100.00% 50.00 5 100.00% 50.00 0 0.00% N/A

Note that the stone and stamina numbers for Mythical aren’t entirely accurate as it doesn’t count the times I failed trying to find a good team. I didn’t keep accurate numbers due to frustration, but I probably failed Mythical 5 times before giving up. This means my stamina per drop was closer to 100 than 50, which means the choice to switch to Legend paid off.

Usually the drop rate for the boss in Legend is 40% so my 63.89% was quite lucky. I have no idea what the Mini GZL drop rate for Legend is. I’ve heard speculation of anything between 40 and 80%, but the only thing I know for sure is that it isn’t 100%. 40% seems to make the most sense, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

I think I got pretty lucky on the Divinegon drops as I can’t imagine the rate is higher than 2% in Legend. Sadly, I don’t really have any use for them so they went towards awakening the one I already had, which is nice.


I still want to skill up a second GZL, but I’m going to have to come up with a more efficient way of farming this. I really regret not awakening my Dark Chester’s skill bind resists so I could try out Pandora here. The Divinegon dark absorb could be annoying, but I think Pandora has enough survivability to wait out 3 turns. Maybe next time.