Awoken Venus Speculation

There were a slew of announcements stemming from the JP 3rd anniversary stream. Of all the monster announcements, Awoken Venus interested me the most. She was by far the best monster in her pantheon after all the balance updates so I was curious what kind of upgrade she would get. Light is generally considered one of the stronger elements in the game, but unlike Dark it’s severely lacking in row support. As if to acknowledge this deficiency, GungHo released new uevos for Venus and Son Wukong.


1928Venus’s awoken uevo will be light/water. This will obviously be an issue for those that use her devil form to cover dark, but for those that used her Healer form there is little downside. As for her new form covering water, there’s a lot of competition; LZL, LMeta and Sandalphon to name a few, not to mention that DQXQ, Hathor and Supergirl already cover water for themselves. I’m unaware of any leader skills that will be affected by this change. To the best of my knowledge there’s nothing like the Norns or the Grimoires that are looking specifically for light and water elements, but seeing as this combination is so pervasive we may get one soon. Overall it seems like this change is mainly a downside, but like everything in this game, there may be future implications.


Devil HealerKeeping in line with the rest of the pantheon, Venus will be a devil main type along with a healer subtype. GungHo seems to be trying to push light devils — although Venus would likely have been a devil regardless — so this type could potentially be valuable in the future. The lack of god type means she won’t work with actives like Izanagi or Muse, nor can she be used on teams like Athena. Although if you were relying on either of her other subtypes you’ll be able to keep taking advantage of it. On the other hand, her that means her types don’t open up any team possibilities that didn’t already exist, so in light of losing her god possibilities this could be seen as a net downgrade.


Venus’s active is changing to a 6 second Change the World with a 5 turn cooldown (after consuming 4 Shynpys, that is).¬† Many are calling this a downgrade and I’m inclined to agree. While there’s not doubt that CtW-type effects are powerful, it’s mainly a crutch for those of us that can’t combo. Meaning the 10 seconds of movement time were just as important as anything. More and more strong time extend monsters being introduced — I’m looking at you, DKali — which also devalues CtW’s relative usefulness. What would help make CtW relevant again is if time extend awakenings boosted the max time.

The saving grace is the low cooldown time. This means, ignoring skill boosts, you can use Venus’s active 3 times for each single CtW activation. This sounds extremely powerful, but I’m still skeptical if 6 seconds is long enough for those that would want to use such an effect.


Two-Pronged Attack Auto-Recover Skill Boost Enhanced Light Att. Enhanced Light Att. Auto-Recover Enhanced Light Att. Enhanced Light Orbs

Now, the part we were all waiting for. The first thing that sticks out are the three light rows. Light has the worst row support; is this enough to make light rows relevant? We can start by looking at where light rows are used currently.

One of the best ways to boost DQXQ’s damage output is through utilizing her light row. The ideal team requires very specific REM-only subs to function — specifically L/G Thor — but is very effective once the team is put together. Venus was already one of the best subs for this team with her L/D form being able to cover dark for DQXQ’s leader skill. Sadly, Awoken Venus will be L/B, preventing her from covering any colors DQXQ doesn’t already. While this is certainly a setback, you can still cover all colors with the remaining team slots or can eschew dark altogether. Either way the sacrifice seems to be a small price to pay for Venus’s incredible awakenings. Change the World is put to best use on combo teams and while you won’t have the same freedom as before, you’ll likely be able to use her active more than twice as much as you did before.

Sun Wukong is the most maligned of the Heroes, but are even three rows enough to change this? Venus will make Wukong more relevant, but she alone won’t make him a top tier leader like his Hero brethren. In respect to a Wukong team, Venus is like what ROdin and BOdin are to Yamato Takeru and Andromeda: their rows are beefy, but not having an orb change active is more a detriment to the team than the increased row damage is a benefit. After all, you do zero damage without the correct orbs. Venus can’t even serve as a utility sub like the Odins do with their three skill boosts. Will she be good on Wukong? Sure, but the team needs more help than this..

Other light row options include Thor, Raphael, Superman and Sandalphon among others. I can’t really call these tier 1 leaders, but Venus will help out there nevertheless. I can see her being very good on a Raphael tank team in particular. I’ve seen a few AA Luci videos that eschew gravities and nukes for pure damage via rows and damage enhance skills. I feel that Raphael can do a good impression of this, even if the sub selection isn’t quite as good.

The other awakenings are nearly forgotten, but are still great. The TPA will be overshadowed by the rows, but any offensive awakening is an asset. The two auto-heals are easy to ignore, but a 1k heal per turn isn’t bad, but combo teams probably would rather have an orb resist.

Leader Skill

Venus’s leader skill will essentially be the same as the rest of the pantheon, providing 50% light and water reduction and giving 2.5x ATK to Light and Healers. The Awoken Greco-Romans’ leader skills seem to have become less and less effective with each iteration of the Challenge Dungeons, the one place where they used to shine. Looking ahead to Challenge dungeons 4 and 5, it doesn’t look like Venus’s resistances have a good place there. She may be useable in something like Sandalphon Descended, but I’ve never liked farming descends with Greco-Romans as you basically have to concede if you get a Chinaball invade. A nice dungeon may appear where Venus may shine, but I wouldn’t expect too much.


While Venus had a flashy introduction with her 3 light rows, upon further inspection things aren’t as great as they appeared. Her active appears to be average at best and there’s a lack of teams that can fully take advantage of her rows. However, PAD is constantly changing so I have confidence that Venus’s value will only go up with time (DQXQ uevo pls).

Oh yeah. The art. After Awoken Ceres, I’m totally unimpressed with the art. TBH I actually like the art on the other uevos more. The seashell was a nice addition, but hiding her legs was a bad idea and one of the cherubs looks like its sniffing her butt (not that I wouldn’t want to sniff her butt). The color scheme is a bit too busy for me taste, too.