Descended Challenge – Devil’s Domain

I was going to skip out on attempting the last two levels of the Descended Challenge, but the devil rush looked quite doable after I looked it over again on PDX. My only concern was having enough ammunition for both Satan and Beelzebub, but Verdandi has been surprisingly adept at stalling so I was able to have enough actives up to clear both of them. I don’t think I was particularly lucky in my successful run which should mean even if you don’t have all the +eggs I had you can probably beat it with some luck.

Team Composition

  • Verdandi – I’m only becoming more impressed with Verdandi as a leader the more I use her. Nothing about her really stands out at first glance — average stats and awakenings, there are plenty of full board orb changers now — but I truly believe that her full board change producing hearts is her key strength. While the other Norns have RCV bonuses and don’t really need a heartmaker, Verdandi takes full advantage of her active  — often healing 30k+ for me — and I’ve found myself sometimes wanting the hearts just as much, if not more, than the wood orbs.
  • Sasuke – I’m still unsure which 5-turn orb changer I want, or if I even want one at all, but Sasuke has been serving me well. I originally pegged a heartbreaker for this slot, but considering Verdandi is heart hungry Sasuke just seems a better fit; not to mention he works with GZL’s active.
  • Ceres – This is the team’s flex spot, rotating between Ceres, Perseus and a second Liu Bei. Ceres is mainly here to deal with Kraken’s and Meph’s binds, but the heal is also valuable so don’t forget to use her in that capacity.
  • Liu Bei – I usually try to combine Verdandi and Liu Bei’s actives to burst down the final floor of descends, but there is no such luxury in here since every floor needs every orb possible.
  • GZL – The only way for this team to deal with an Extreme King spawn. This is one of the rare instances where being max skilled is a huge advantage.
  • Verdandi – All my hypermax Verdi friends were all out picnicking or something. Luckily I have quite a few max skilled Verdandi friends and that’s all I really needed.

All monsters are max skilled except for Ceres.

Floor Breakdown

  1. Zombie Dragon – You can take a hit from Zombie Dragon, giving you 4 turns to grind him down. Ideally this would be done without using an orb changer, but I’d go ahead and use Sasuke as soon as you get a board without enough wood orbs and you also feel you won’t be able to grind him down in time; using him earlier instead of the last minute means he’ll be ready quicker down the line.
  2. I never got Cerberus to spawn, but here’s how I dealt with everything else:
    • Vampire – This is the worst spawn in my opinion. Every HP and heart is so valuable to Verdandi that you don’t want to waste them on his preemptive gravity. You may have to waste a Verdandi active here to heal if you don’t have enough hearts to survive his next attack. Ideally you’d grind him down without using actives. Get him to just above 50% so can take advantage of the elemental weakness with your final burst. If you need to stall for actives you remember that you get a free turn once you bring him bellow 50%. Avoid using Ceres’s active to clear his bind as you’ll need it for Meph.
    • Kraken – This is why Ceres is on the team. Kraken is probably the easiest spawn as he’s always weak to you and gives you two turns to heal back up.
    • Extreme King – You’ll have to burn GZL’s active here. Liu Bei’s ATK after a couple TPAs should be enough to break his remaining defense, but use an orb change if you’re uncertain as you only get one chance.
  3. Mephistopheles – If you have enough +eggs Verdandi should be able to grind Meph down without using a mass orb change. Stall for Ceres if you used her earlier, use her active for his bind, then grind him down to about 50%. At this point you get two attacks to finish him off due to his “3” attack doing nothing. Remember to have enough health for Satan’s preemptive. You want to stall for as long as possible without using Verdandi as it will be ideal to have two Verdandi and GZL up for the boss floor.
  4. Satan – In my successful run I went into Satan with both Verdandis and Liu Bei up. Satan gives you several turns to eat through his massive HP. I forget exactly, but you should have at least 3 turns to burn him down before his nuke. I led off with a Liu Bei active which got him to switch to water. I used a turn (or 2 maybe, I forget) to take him down a bit further, then finished him off with Sasuke. It is 100% imperative to have at least one Verdandi active up going into Beelzebub, if you have both up you’re golden.
  5. Beelzebub – Use Verdandi to take care of the full poison board. Hopefully you got enough wood orbs so that a GZL active will take him down in one shot. I had a second Verdandi ready so if I didn’t get enough wood orbs I was prepared to deal with his second full board poison. Hopefully the luck is with you.