Weekly Roundup 4

The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Uevos stats? Lakshmi? Parvati? Lu Bu? I know I’m hyped.
  • GungHo Collab – Maybe I can finish off my Anubis and Bastet, although with their awoken uevos incoming skilling them up could be a waste. I’d also like to skill up Parvati, but with her awoken uevo just around the corner — and only having one of her — I have to be careful. It may just be better to wait for ECO Collab to come back, but who knows when that will be.
  • 5x technicals – My stones are ready.
  • Possible Blue Bowl Dragon farming – I don’t expect to skill up my Muse, but I’d like some more Leeks for Susano and some Zeus Mercury skill ups wouldn’t be terrible either.
  • EN event second half – Not sure what is in store, but I’m always hoping for Karin invades in Sandalphon Descended so I can farm skill ups for both.
  • 3K PAL – This is a trap, particularly for those that can’t reliably farm jewels, but that won’t stop people from rolling.
  • Alt. coin dungeons – This new set is garbage. Debating if I want to bother with them.