Zeus Mercury Descended


With the Blue Bowl Dragon ongoing, I made it a priority to snag a couple Zeus Mercurys, one to throw Bowl Dragons at and another for an Awoken Neptune I’ll never uevo. I never had the teams capable of 0-stoning this dungeon in the past, but my new Verdandi team is proving that it can take down most of the high end content in this game. It only follows that she had an easy time clearing a dungeon where she has the elemental advantage.

Team Composition

  • Verdandi – I extolled her virtues in my Descended Challenge post and not much changes for her in this dungeon. When using her board change don’t be afraid to prioritize healing over damage.
  • Sasuke – Sasuke is particularly great here since so many things generate extra water orbs.
  • Ceres – There are a ton of binds in this dungeon and Ceres is critical for dealing with them.
  • Liu Bei – Liu Bei is the sub that makes Verdandi a top tier leader.
  • GZL – It may not be necessary, but I use him on Neptune to make sure he dies.
  • Verdandi

All monsters are max skilled except for Ceres.

Floor Breakdown

  1. Blue Golem – One wood TPA and a few other combos should take him down in one shot. It’s possible to stall a bit here, but I wouldn’t want to deal with the bind so make sure he’s dead before then.
  2. Aqua Baron – A wood TPA should be more than enough to pierce his defense. This is a great place to stall if you need to.
  3. 2x Dark Shieldra & Minotaur – Another good opportunity to stall. I should have moved GZL into the 2nd slot to avoid the Shieldra’s  dark absorb, but it doesn’t make a huge difference since they can’t do much to you anyways. Try to store up heart orbs to deal with Kraken’s preemptive bind the next floor.
  4. Kraken – I wouldn’t use Ceres’s active here. Either make a row of hearts or grind out the bind. Kraken’s damage isn’t very high and he gives you two turns to heal up, so take advantage of it.
  5. 2x Chimera – You likely can’t tank two Double Strikes, so be doubly sure you’ll kill them if you’re going on the offensive. Use Sasuke if you have to.
  6. Hermes – A decent place to stall as he makes hearts for you from time to time. Try to finish him off while he’s still water. If he binds you, try your best to grind it out as you’ll likely need Ceres to deal with Apollo’s preemptive bind.
  7. Apollo – I used Ceres here, but match a row of hearts if you can. I’d try to kill him as soon as possible. He doesn’t have much HP so even if he switches to fire you should be able to finish him off before his nuke.
  8. Neptune – Neptune is pretty much a joke. I used GZL here to kick his ass, but it should be to stall a bit. Once your board gets too full of poison, use a Verdandi active to get rid of them then obliterate him.
  9. Hera-Is – Two wood TPAs should guarantee a kill. Use an orb change here if you have to avoid dealing with the binds.
  10. Zeus Mercury – I didn’t really have a strategy for him, but you should be able to one shot him with 3 wood TPAs. Instead I grinded him down, grinded through his bind, then finished him off with a Verdandi active. His combo shield is annoying, but it only lasts for one turn so you should be able to punch through once it’s down.


I once thought this dungeon would be impossible, but it was surprisingly easy. I didn’t have much of  a strategy going in and still managed to clear it, even after a couple of mistakes. Verdandi is very forgiving and foolproof, so if you’re a mediocre player like me I highly recommend her.

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