Da Qiao Uevo Art


I avoid covering breaking news on this blog, but DQXQ was my starting roll so I have a special place in my heart for them. Apparently there will be a uevo for each of the sisters. While i think this is a cool idea, the thought of losing waifu density on my teams is devastating. They definitely deserve an eventual uevo reuniting them, if that isn’t in the works already.

As for Da Qiao, judging from the art it looks like she’ll likely be light/light or light/fire, although I’d strongly lean towards any non-light sub color to go with her leader skill (assuming it’s the same as DQXQ). I’d suspect she’ll keep her healer type and trade in her god type for dragon to keep in line with Sun Quan and Liu Bei, but there’s a decent chance she could be an attacker if they really make her light/fire to help push Amaterasu. There’s already been some speculation on which sister will get which form. Going by the art, DQ is going to get the sub form with the extra awakenings as the other 3K sub forms have “real” dragons in the art while the leader for has ethereal, spirit-like dragons. All just speculation though and don’t let shitty photoshops fool you, wait for an official announcement from Japan or until PDX gets a hold of something official.

I really wonder when they are going to reveal all the stats for all the art they’ve released so far. I can’t help but think this is an attempt to bury the Juggler fiasco…

Now… back to farming +eggs…