5x Technical +Egg Drops 3/2/15

I spend all my time in FT4 farming with a 5x ROdin, 1x RSonia team in Challenge Mode. I may consider doing Mechdragons some day to see how comparable the numbers are, but FT4 is perfect for farming at work as it doesn’t require much attention.

Forbidden Tower – Door of Light and Shadow (1.5x Drop/5x +Eggs)
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
12/15/2014 331 3972 21 187 0.57 21.24
1/12/2015 203 2436 9 126 0.62 19.33
3/2/2015 359 4308 16 216 0.60 19.94
Total 893 10716 46 529 0.59 20.26

Farming +eggs through FT4 is one of the more dull things to do in the game, but the reward cannot be denied. I basically turned three godfest rolls into about 200 +eggs. Seems like a worthwhile use of stones to me.

The estimate of 20 stamina per egg seems to be holding up well over the 893 runs I’ve done. This run started off really well clocking in at about 18.5 stamina per +egg in the first half of runs, but things slowly crept back towards 20.

There may be a chance that 5x technicals continues into the second half of the event, but somehow I doubt it. Even if it did I’m not sure how much time I could dedicate the second week in a row.