Mini Three Kingdoms Pal Egg Machine


The Mini Three Kingdoms pal machine has been a long anticipated event on NA and is finally coming out later tonight. In general I wouldn’t recommend using your pal points on it, but that won’t stop people from doing so. There’s a thrill you can only experience by pulling that stupid dragon’s arm and this is about as good as it gets short of a godfest. There’s also the exclusivity factor as we never know when this machine will come back, if ever. However, rolling the regular PEM for spirit jewels or drops from weekday mythicals you can’t farm will always be the more efficient use, no matter how slim the chance of getting what you actually need, particularly when you consider the poor quality of the mini 3K monsters.

You should really only be rolling for the following reasons:

  1. You’ve just started, didn’t/don’t want to reroll and need a better leader.
  2. You’re a collector and need more trophies.
  3. You don’t need rare evo mats and rather roll for costly skill up fodder.

That’s it. This doesn’t factor in the precious box space they will eat up. I’ll tell you, those 5 mini Chinese aren’t doing anything but taking up space and I don’t want a repeat with the mini 3K.

How bad are these monsters? It doesn’t look good. Keep in mind that the grades are relative to the rest of the machine and that the bulk of the grade weighs on the power of the active and leader skills as their stats and awakenings have been neutered.

Monster Notes Grade
1812 - conquering martial deity, cao cao Cao Cao may make a decent stop gap leader or sub for your fire attacker team. His active is decent and in a similar vein to Okuninushi, but in many cases you’d rather have an Echidna or dedicated orb changer as a sub.


1814 - courageous divine general, sun quan His active is powerful enough that you’ll want him for your team even if he’s vastly inferior to his REM version. A good stop gap sub for U&Y or for covering blue for your rainbow combo team.


1816 - moral commanding deity, liu bei Was mediocre before his uevos and is even worse without his awakenings.


1818 - divine flowers, da qiao & xiao qiao A decent lead if you’re just starting. Take away their awakenings and you have a horrible sub.


1820 - divine flying general, lu bu He makes a decent leader to pair with all those RSonias on your friends list (whether you wanted them or not) and in most cases is an upgrade to Baddie as a sub.


1822 - valiant & loyal deity, guan yu Perhaps the worst 6-star godfest exclusive (only surpassed by his brother Luigi, in my opinion), he doesn’t get any better in this form. In his mini form he’s a mediocre farming lead or a poor heartbreaker. I’d give him an F, but it’d be an even greater insult to give him the same grade as Liu Bei.


1824 - celestial life dragon, zhuge liang Mini LZL didn’t get the 4.5x ATK leader skill his REM counterpart got, making him significantly worse. 16x vs 20.25x is a lot of damage, particularly considering the hefty HP restriction. Losing those glorious offensive awakenings makes him a poor sub and his active does little to make up for it.


It really is feast or famine. Despite my negativity, if you have any desire to roll, you should! Rare evo mats will always be around and there’s no reason to regret not rolling as pal points are easy to replenish. Most importantly, it’s fun!

Personally, I may roll whatever pal points I have available, but I’ll likely regret losing the box space they take up. I’ll keep sitting on the pal points in my mailbox in hopes of a better use for them in the future. There’s already the possibility of the guaranteed evo mat PEM — the one that costs 500 points per roll — but I wouldn’t put it past GungHo to have another PEM collab in the future. It’d also be cool if they had a skill up fodder PEM or something, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.