Descended Challenge – Queen’s Banquet

It bothered me to no end not seeing that “Clear!” on my Descended Challenge button so I decided to tackle Hera Rush, my confidence boosted by my second hypermax Liu Bei. I was able to finally clear the dungeon, but it was rough and definitely relies on a certain amount of luck. It took me 4 tries, including one stone for a stamina refresh which was conveniently replaced by clearing all  the Descended Challenges.

Team Composition

  • Verdandi – Verdandi’s active is absolutely necessary in order to heal enough to survive Divine Queen Hera’s ridiculous preemptive.
  • Sasuke – Having an orb changer up the first turn for Hera-Ur is a necessity and Sasuke is the best one I have that isn’t a heartbreaker. If my Perseus was max skilled I definitely would use him here instead.
  • Liu Bei – Don’t be afraid to use your orb changers whenever possible. It’s always better to overkill and live for future luck than be dead and regret it.
  • Liu Bei – I have no doubt that my hypermax Liu Beis got me by several floors without having to rely on GZL.
  • GZL – Use him on the Extreme King if you get the spawn, but you’ll likely need him again to one shot Divine Queen Hera.
  • Verdandi – Thanks goes out to my hypermax friends!

All monsters are max skilled.

Floor Breakdown

  1. Hera-Ur – This is the floor that made me give up before even trying as I was afraid of the elemental weakness and her high damage. Then I resolved to use all my actives if it meant clearing this floor. You need to be a little lucky here with orb spawns, even with Sasuke up the first turn. If your initial attack gets her between 50 and 25%, you’re pretty much dead to her High Kick. On my successful runs I got an initial board with plenty of wood and water orbs, used Sasuke, then smacked her down bellow 25% with 3-4 TPAs. Once she switches to dark she should be easy to finish off. I was extremely lucky and killed her 3 of 4 times.
  2. Hera-Is – Use a Liu Bei active to one shot her, as you want to avoid dealing with her binds. The heal from his active should all but guarantee you can survive Hera’s meager preemptive.
  3. This is another luck check. It’s not impossible to beat this dungeon with an Extreme King spawn, but considering you don’t have to use any skills to clear Hera and probably have to use at least two to clear the Extreme King, things get that much more difficult.
    • Hera – This is a great chance to stall if you need to. You get an extra turn once you get her bellow 25% so try to take advantage of that too.
    • Extreme King – Also a good opportunity to stall, except you’re going to have to use at least GZL to kill him. You don’t need GZL to clear the rest of the dungeon, but he sure helps and there will be a few chances to stall down the road.
  4. Hera-Beorc – This is a decent place to stall if she doesn’t use her fire to wood orb change too often. Once you have her down around 50%, finish her off in one go to avoid her nuke.
  5. Hera-Sowilo – This team has 60% skill bind resist, but I failed all three times I got here, including my success. If you get her bellow 50% she’ll put her combo shield up and give you three turns to kill her before she nukes you. This means you should stall at least three turns before getting her bellow 50% so you can wait out the skill bind and use a Verdandi active. This is to guarantee that you’ll be above the 31,584 needed to survive Divine Queen Hera’s preemptive.
  6. Divine Queen Hera – I survived the preemptive in twice, but failed the floor my first time. In my failed run I got an Extreme King spawn so my GZL was down. I used a Liu Bei active to get her bellow 30% — obviously would have killed her if GZL was up — but her bind spelled the end for me. I was tempted to run Ceres to counteract this, but I just couldn’t fit her into the team. I decided to just gamble on the hope that I could get here again with GZL up (or maybe get some lucky skyfalls) to one shot her. The next run the luck was with me and I finished her off with a Liu Bei + GZL combination.


I’m still amazed I cleared this. I have to hand it to my +eggs. Without those extra stats there’s no way I could’ve done this with this Verdandi team. While this does give me hope that I can take on the other rushes in future Descended Challenge iterations, they also look a lot harder so some changes are going to be necessary. I’ve seen a few videos with Verdandi doing some extreme tanking, but that’s with a balanced-based team featuring heartmakers. It also relies on Delgado for burst, the monster that is my #1 priority to get.