Random Dungeon Clears

Just a few clears I got recently, all done with my Verdandi team. I actually cleared Hera Rush on my first try without much difficulty; learning the nuances of the run from my Descended Challenge runs certainly helped. After getting my second Liu Bei hypermaxed, most dungeons have been pretty easy. While I’m tempted to move on to something new, I still have some of the most difficult dungeons in the game to clear — I’m thinking Challenge Dungeon Lv9 and 10, other Rushes — so my work with Verdandi isn’t quite done yet.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my progression, I’ve come to realize that it isn’t all that helpful to say “yeah, I cleared that dungeon with 1500 +eggs”. I’m thinking of developing a few teams with minimal +egg investment as clearing descends with them will likely result in more relevant dungeon write ups. I’d also like to say I’d lean towards farmable subs as well, but I’m not sure if I’m interested in taking it that far. My immediate candidate is Beelzebub, but I’m also considering LMeta or maybe a combo lead.