Skill Up Log – All the Sonias

Monster Tries Success Rate
RSonia 21 5 23.81%
BSonia 23 5 21.74%
GSonia 23 5 21.74%

I’ve been slowly skilling up my Sonias over the past several months and finally decided to finish them off today. I don’t really use any of them nor do I have immediate plans to, but it’s still nice to know I have them around if needed.

I used to use GSonia for KoG farming, but after farming that dungeon at least a thousand times (literally) and the advent of the Alt. coin dungeons I’ve abandoned that team. I may use RSonia in the future, but probably not as a lead. As for BSonia, well… I only have one of her and no BOdins so I don’t see much point in raising her — if I had a Skuld I certainly wouldn’t have bothered to skill BSonia up.

My current skill up rate is 471/2509 or 18.77%. That’s +0.21% since my last skill up post. I’ll take it.