Weighing in on the New Uevos

We’ve been bombarded with new uevos this week, most of which have been disappointing. Considering Murako’s recent tweet, there may be hope for immediate improvements. While most points have been covered elsewhere, I’d like to weigh in as far as they relate to my box.


Truly unfortunate. Considering the Greco-Roman awoken uevos, many were expecting huge upgrades for one of the worst monsters in the game, certainly something rivaling Minerva (who was actually worse than Lakshmi). There are many ways to improve her, but to make her relevant from my perspective the fix is easy: change her active to include an orb change, not just an orb spawn, the closer to a 5-turn cooldown the better. This would put her on par with Minerva and you wouldn’t have to change anything else. Indeed, there may be a few too many orb changers at this point, but outside of that you’d have to do a complete overhaul to make her relevant.


Parvati is great the way she is (we all need to forget about Juggler). My Verdandi is sad she doesn’t have a fire sub-element, but I may use her on that team in some capacity regardless. She’s also a strong consideration to pair with Verdandi in no dupe dungeons.

Xiao Qiao

DQXQ’s leader and active skill synergy was already suspect, but now it’s just a nonbo. Fix this, then we can talk.

Da Qiao

Da Qiao is fine and she’ll be a great sub for light teams not lead by Athena. Whoops, that was probably a mistake, GungHo. I’m not sure how they decided on what awakenings she should get, but at least they had the sense to switch her water row to light. As-is her awakenings are just worse than a Hero’s since they lack focus, although some may value her versatility. At the very least I’d drop her bind recovery for another skill boost; light is already the best bind recovery color in the game!

Lu Bu

The dark bias is real and it makes me salty. Lu Bu is proof they can do uevos correctly so it boggles my mind how often they fuck up.