Beelzebub Project

1371 - Crazed King of Purgatory, BeelzebubI don’t know how long it will take, but my latest goal is to raise a uevo Beelzebub to max level, awakenings and skill level without using Tamadras or Badpys. Beelzebub is a worthwhile investment as he’s one of the best leaders in the game. He also happens to be farmable so it will be realistic to use guaranteed uevo skill ups on him. That is, if you consider feeding 5 sets of jewels realistic.

I plan on using him for clearing high level content, but I’m not sure if I’ll invest any +eggs into his team yet. It may be realistic to feed the +eggs on my Athena team to him if it turns out he’s as good as I hear.

This project won’t have an extremely high priority, but I figured it might be something fun to do with all these extra jewels I get instead of feeding them to the China girls and failing. The worst part of this project will be leveling everything up. I get plenty of EXP fodder from doing alt. coin dungeons, but the uevo Beelzebubs coming in at 5mil a pop is might call for some stoning of Super or maybe even Extreme Metals. Luckily the present egg feed EXP boost was hinted at in today’s stream (I think I have about 5 sitting around in my box) which will help a lot.

Progress will be kept on this page, but I’ll be doing individual posts when milestones are met. Any small updates will be rolled into my Weekly Roundup posts.