Farming Zhao Yun Descended Part 2

In an attempt for farm some water jewels, I decided to try farming Zhao Yun again. With my second Liu Bei hypermaxed, I altered my team a bit and the dungeon was significantly easier. I couldn’t reliably farm Mythical last time, but this time it was a breeze. I only failed once due to mini GZL’s bind which was mostly due to ridiculous skyfall.

Team Breakdown

Please refer to the previous post for a team description as that mostly holds true still. The main change was swapping out Sasuke for a second Liu Bei. The upside is more attack power from Liu Bei while keeping Perseus’s skill bind utility. The downside is not having a first floor orb change that could potentially be used several times per run. I’ll cover why the first floor orb change doesn’t matter her in the floor breakdown. Using Sasuke 2+ times per run is mostly irrelevant as you have 5 orb changers for the dungeon’s 6 floors. As such, there is almost only upside with this change.

Perseus has been an all-star sub for me. I’ll definitely be max skilling him when NA gets his survey dungeon (in about 5 years at this rate). Max skilled, his orb change would be up turn one, only solidifying the change.

All monsters were max skilled except Perseus.

Floor Breakdown

I’ve copied the previous floor breakdown here for convenience. Any changes will be underlined.

  1. Make sure to kill the Water Ninja in one shot to avoid the bind. One wood TPA should do it. If you get orb trolled feel free to use Sasuke here. There’s no need for a first turn orb changer here. Previously, the real concern was the Water Ninja’s bind, but she’ll only use it if you damage her enough without killing her. Shouki is also on a 2-turn timer, giving you plenty of time to clear the board for some wood orbs. I can’t imagine you could get the Ninja bellow 75% clearing non-wood orbs, but be sure to target Shouki while doing so just in case.
  2. A good floor to stall on. If you match TPAs, Jyaki will die first so you don’t have to worry about his skills. I found that 2 wood TPAs with a couple other combos can take out the Light Ninja in one go. With the second Liu Bei, one wood TPA can almost one-shot the Light Ninja.
  3. Dragon Shogun isn’t a big challenge, but his time reduction preemptive will make the next 5 turns annoying. You can stall a turn while he makes some poison orbs, but I suggest you kill him before he uses his 99% gravity. If you don’t, Verdandi’s leader skill will provide significantly less damage the next turn. I usually use a Verdandi active here to make sure he is dead before he can use it.
  4. Divinegon is quite easy, but he can be annoying if he binds your Perseus. Make sure your Perseus is unbound before you kill him. If you kill him while Perseus is at “1” expecting him to become unbound for the next floor, he’ll still be bound for GZL’s preemptive skill bind and won’t contribute to the resist. This applies to all your skill bind subs, but Perseus is the most critical one to get unbound. Remember to use his bind recovery awakening when the hearts are available. I now use a Liu Bei orb change here to one shot Divinegon. There’s no point in dicking around with his damage or binds now that I have the increased damage to one-shot him.
  5. If you resist the skill bind the rest of the dungeon is simple. If not, you’re gonna have to try and stall until it expires. If you one-shot Divinegon, you don’t have to worry about the skill bind at all. Otherwise, just stall out the skill bind; you’re going to have to stall a couple turns anyways for Dragon Shogun’s time reduction to wear off. Mini GZL can make stalling a pain since he can make wood orbs. Usually this is a great thing, but if you get him down too far he will bind your team and annihilate you. Play it as safe as you can here and don’t be afraid of overkilling to make sure he’s dead as there’s no good way to deal with his bind to nuke combination.
  6. I try to have Verdandi + Liu Bei + GZL up for Zhao Yun. This combo will usually one shot him, particularly if a row is involved; remember you have 3 rows on this team which still provides a decent damage boost. If you fuck up and don’t one shot him, I hope you have the skills to 6+ combo to overcome the combo shield he puts up the first turn. I know I don’t, so this is where I failed the dungeon most of the time. With this team you have so much overkill that even if you fuck up he should still die to that combo. Even if you don’t have Liu Bei up, there’s still a good chance you can one-shot him with just Verdandi + GZL. If for some reason you can’t one-shot him, like you couldn’t stall long enough on GZL and the skill bind was still up, you can still easily reach 6 combos with a Verdandi active. Since the team does so much damage now you don’t have to be perfect, just make sure to hit 6 combos.

It’s amazing how a hypermaxed top-tier sub can tilt the game in your favor so dramatically. A dungeon that gave me so much trouble two weeks ago is now on farm status; hell, it’s on faceroll status. No wonder Verdandi is so popular on JP; it’s likely all on the back of how broken Liu Bei is.


Zhao Yun Descended
Difficulty Runs Stamina Stones
Mythical 29 1450 7
Zhao Yun Mini GZL Spirit Jewel (Water)
Diff. # Drop / Run Stam / Drop # Drop / Run Stam / Drop # Drop / Run Stam / Drop
Myth. 29 1.00 50.00 21 0.72 69.05 4 0.14 362.50

I got pretty lucky running Legend last time. I think it’s safe to assume the Mini GZL drop rate is likely around 80% for Mythical, yet I got a 100% rate on Mythical and 50% on Legend last time. I’m a bit disappointed in the jewel invade rate as it’s supposedly on 1.5x, but it seems quite easy to hit a bad streak with those. I got no Divinegon drops this time, but I wouldn’t expect his drop rate to much more than 2%; I just got really, really lucky last time.


Hopefully I never have to farm this again. I almost pray that Baal never becomes relevant as there’s not much choice but to run Zhao Yun for his skills ups. I mean, have you seen the evo mats?