Skill Up Log – GZL, Zhao Yun and Baal Part 2

Here are the skill up results of my second round of Zhao Yun farming:

Monster Tries Success Rate
GZL 20 5 25.00%
Zhao Yun 25 5 20.00%
Baal 17 1 5.88%

I actually got my second GZL maxed in 10 attempts, but my third GZL (yes… I have three, or to be accurate I have 5) went 1/10. Not complaining though, as I can’t imagine much use for the third one anyways.

Zhao Yun is my fix max skilled descended boss, but I have no idea what I’d do with him. It’s shitty that the version that goes with G/R Liu Bei is the one without awakenings. They should really make him drop awakened, or at least have branching uevos. Same goes for Cauchemar.

I hate you, Baal.

My current skill up rate is 409/2187 or 18.70%. That’s -0.07% since my last skill up post.

For those curious, here are the cumulative skill up rates for the Zhao Yun skill up fodder:

Monster Tries Success Rate
GZL 47 9 19.15%
Zhao Yun 51 9 17.65%
Baal 41 6 14.63%
Snow White 17 5 29.41$