NA State of the Game

There was a period around late February/early March where there was more unrest than usual in the NA player base. Many were angry at the third rate treatment NA was getting opposed to JP; the absence of the Three Kingdoms pal machine being the most visible source of the dissent. While most players understand NA will never be an exact mirror of JP, the sheer amount of discrepancies between the versions was backbreaking and the lack of communication by GungHo only made things worse. Oh yeah, that whole Juggler thing on JP didn’t help either, as unlikely as it seems that NA will ever get it.

Well a week or so later, things seem to be a bit better. We got the 3K pal machine, Poring Tower, Descended Challenge, and the unexpected BEAMS collab. We got 5x technicals for the entire event covering two Mondays. The PAX stream will supposedly give us our first free py. The Yamato Takeru skill up dungeon is around the corner. More uevos are incoming. One can only hope this continues.

While GungHo still gave the frustrating canned response “we’ll reveal more information as soon as we can” to most questions posed to them at PAX, I just got the feeling they were at least being receptive to our concerns. That’s may just be unfounded optimism on my part, but I’m hoping this means NA will do more to stay in line with JP. While things like collabs can’t be helped due to licensing issues, hopefully JP can push critical updates to NA faster and hopefully they can give us collabs they have more control over like PAD BT (and if Squenix is cooperative there, maybe FFCD and FF collabs too?). I can sort of understand why companies are so cryptic about revealing more information, but I’ve been a loyal customer to Blizzard and Wizards of the Coast for over 20 years and most of that’s because they take the extra effort to respond to their customers. While I never expect GungHo to be like that, I wish more companies would do more to replicate their success in that manner.

Only time will tell if things are really getting better. I think there will always be some dissatisfaction with the delays between JP and NA, but GungHo would be wise to manage it to a point where players are more interested in playing and spending money on the game rather than complaining about it on the internet. I’ll still be keeping track of update discrepancies on my tracker, but I’m hoping someday I can just scrap that page altogether.