Beelzebub Project – Spirit Jewels


Here are the stats for farming the spirit jewels needed to uevo Beelzebub:

Spirit Jewel Farming – Mythical Only, 1.5x Invade Rate
Jewel Drops Dungeon Runs Stamina Stones Stam / Drop
Fire 4 Thoth & Sopdet 9 450 3 112.50
Water 4 Zhao Yun 21 1050 5 262.50
Dark 4 Hera-Is 11 550 3 137.50
Total 12 41 2050 11 170.83

Unfortunately I’ll have to wait for the next event to farm wood jewels. Hopefully this Mythical-only at 1.5x appearance rate is a permanent thing as it really seemed to help with the invade rate (29%). Farming Thoth & Sopdet was particularly profitable as that dungeon also drops keepers. I’m hoping I’ll be able to farm the rest of the keepers I need tomorrow, evo everything, stone Super Metals (although I’m leaning towards not stoning for EXP) and have everything ready for the next Meimei invade. Things are going much quicker than expected, but I guess that should be expected when throwing stones every which way.