5x Technical +Egg Drops 3/9/15

Forbidden Tower – Door of Light and Shadow (1.5x Drop/5x +Eggs)
Date Runs Stamina Stones +Eggs Drop / Run Stam / +Egg
12/15/2014 331 3972 21 187 0.57 21.24
1/12/2015 203 2436 9 126 0.62 19.33
3/2/2015 359 4308 16 216 0.60 19.94
3/9/2015 335 4020 15 195 0.58 20.62
Total 1228 14736 61 724 0.59 20.35

Pretty much expected results. I have about 400 free +eggs sitting in my box. I’ve been waffling on what to use them on. I think it makes the most sense to invest it in utility subs for Verdandi, but the lure of starting a new team is strong.

With two 5x technical Mondays in a row my stone budget is pretty much depleted for the month and there’s still a Star Vault coming up today. To conserve stones I’ll just have to run Red Sprite on as much natural stamina as possible and I’ll have to be patient and not stone for EXP for my Beelzebub project. I may continue to finish off challenge mode for a few extra stones. If the next godfest and/or event have some sweet things I may have to open the wallet again.