Beelzebub Project – Pre-awakenings

I farmed the remaining Keepers I needed to evo 5 more Beelzebubs, which was enough to do the first round of pre-awakenings (also known as over-awakening, among other terms). Now I only need 3 Wood Jewels and 3 Dub-sapphlits to finish off the evo mats, but still need about 25 million EXP. I’ve updated the tracker page with my current progress.

Pre-awakenings are an obscure game mechanic and are also difficult to explain, so bear with me. Basically every monster that has awakenings keeps track of the amount they have. This is a simple count, not a list that keeps track of specific awakening types. There is no cap on this count outside the presumed in-game limit of 9 maximum awakenings. Since there is no cap, you can continue to awaken a monster even though the in-game display shows that it has all available awakenings. There will be no “Awakening!” animation for such awakenings nor is there any in-game indicator, so you have to keep track of it yourself. This count persists between all of a monster’s forms that have awakenings.

I’ve tried to explain the game mechanic as simply as possible, but now it should be easier to grasp with an in-game example:

  • I awakened Awoken Beelzebub 4 times even though this form only has 3 awakenings. His awakening count is now set to 4.
  • I uevoed Beelzebub, which has 8 awakenings. The awakening count for the original Awoken Beelzebub was 4. This count persists to the uevo form, so he now has 4 visible awakenings.

Why would you want to do this? Well, Tamadras aren’t exactly rare anymore, but this is an attempt to conserve their use and is really only done for farmable monsters, like Beelzebub. When you feed an evolved form to the exact same monster (has to have the same monster ID), you will get one awakening. However this is unrealistic to do for uevos with crazy evo mat requirements, like Beelzebub’s 5 spirit jewels. Pre-awakenings can get around this. You can pre-awaken Beelzebub’s evo form and when you uevo him, he’ll receive the extra awakenings.

Why did I only pre-awaken Beelzebub 4 times when he has 8 awakenings? I intend to max skill him via guaranteed uevo skill ups, which means I’ll be feeding 4 max leveled uevos to himself. He’ll (presumably) get the last 4 awakenings during this process.