Beelzebub Project – More Evolutions

IMG_4262I got the last Dub-sapphlits I needed to evo my last three Beelzebubs and I also got the Wood Jewel on my second try from the gift dungeon, resulting in having three uevo and two evo Beelzebubs. I’ve updated the tracker to reflect this. All I need are two Wood Jewels and some unsightly amount of EXP to finish off my this project. Luckily, the Snow Globe feed EXP change has just gone live. I have six, so that should take care of at least 12 million EXP.

Sadly, the next Wood Jewel invade is for Hera-Ur which is one of the worst descends for me despite being one of the easier ones (Verdandi no like fire). I’m hoping I can get them with my Pandora team without expending too many stones. To my amusement, my Beelzebub team would be able to wipe the floor with this dungeon…