RO Collab


Well, we finally get the RO Collab. I’d hate to complain since getting new collabs and skill up fodder is always a great thing, but for the most part the drops are underwhelming. We already have Dark Insect Dragon for CDD and the next best skill up, Holy Dragon for Fagan-based farming teams, is a rare drop. After dealing with the rare ‘Tons in the Insect Dragons, I’d rather avoid going through that hell again. Other than that, we are getting skill ups for Mitsuki, Guivre Chimera and GrimRock. At least the skill ups have a chance to drop evoed!

Hmm, after going over it, it’s actually not that bad. There will certainly be drop rate bonuses and while none of the skill ups are high profile, they are still useful. And with all these new monsters on JP using heal orbs to crack insane ATK bonsues, Mitsuki may very well become a great sub. While it isn’t the gift I wanted, I’m still thankful for any gifts I get.

If Sohee dropped, I’d keep her in my box forever…