Challenge Dungeons 4 Lv7


With my new Verdandi team, Lv7 was fairly trivial which is nice as I didn’t have to resort to using a janky team to clear it like I did for the 3rd version. That being said, I’m not sure how useful this breakdown will be considering it’s mostly “tank and spank”, but I’ll try cover any nuances in the dungeon.

Team Composition

  • Verdandi – I’ve found myself using her active in a defensive manner for healing as much as I have for offense. Don’t be afraid to do so whenever you have any doubts.
  • Sasuke – A 5-turn orb changer is nice to have as you can use him to apply a good chunk of damage to Keeper of Gold then again for Isis if you stalled correctly.
  • Liu Bei – The sub that boosts Verdandi from viable to dominant.
  • Liu Bei
  • GZL – You can use his active on Thoth and Sopdet to make sure they’re dead or to ensure you can pierce Ra’s defense.
  • Verdandi

Everyone is max skilled.

Floor Breakdown

  1. A single wood TPA will likely kill the blue mask so try to limit youself to single attacks focused on the green mask. They don’t hit very hard while they are both alive, so slowly grind down the green mask to about 25%. While you could use actives to pierce the green mask’s defense, it’s unnecessary and better to conserve their use for the next floor. Once the green mask is low enough, use a wood TPA which should kill the blue mask. If this fails to also kill the green mask, you have another turn to finish it off while it takes a turn off to boost its ATK.
  2. You basically have 6 turns to chew through 7 million HP. Use actives freely, but try to keep at least one orb change up so you can one-shot Isis.
  3. You can guarantee a one-turn Isis kill with two wood TPAs.
  4. Thoth and Sopdet are a great place to stall which may be a good idea to ensure you have enough gas to take out Ra. Use a Verdandi board change to finish them off if you’re having trouble getting past Sopdet’s combo shield.
  5. Ra will give you enough time to ping him down before his attacks become unmanageable; you only have to average 10 damage per turn. However this team is more than capable of breaking his defense so don’t be afraid to pop GZL and match a few TPAs to guarantee the kill.

Looking Ahead

The 5th version of Lv7 appears to be a simple floor shuffle, swapping the first floor masks with the second floor keeper. This shouldn’t have much affect on the difficulty of the dungeon. Any team you used to clear it this time should be good for the next iteration. The 6th version, however, adds Medjed and Osiris. Medjed in particular could be annoying for Verdandi to deal with considering his leader swap skill, but I’ll tackle that challenge when it gets here.