Challenge Dungeons 4 Lv8

This is essentially the same team I used for Challenge Dungeon 3’s Lv8. The floor layout has changed a bit, but the overall strategy for the Challenge Dungeon 4 version with an Awoken Ceres team remains the same. While I felt the degree of difficulty from 2 to 3 increased significantly, I didn’t feel that 4 was much harder. Regardless, I’ll try to cover the nuances.

Please refer to my previous team breakdown for more insight on the team composition.

The only change to the team was swapping out an Avalon Drake for a GSonia. On the surface, there’s not much reason to use GSonia over AvaD as her extra RCV is useless in a no-RCV dungeon and her extra ATK is compensated by AvaD’s extra wood row. However, the one advantage GSonia does have is that she isn’t a god, meaning she won’t get bound by Sandalphon. I likely would’ve used her anyways since I have her maxed skilled now, but evading Sandalphon’s bind is huge since he is one of the few problems we could encounter in the dungeon.

As always, I can’t stress enough using Ceres and GOdin’s heals generously. If there’s any doubt, use them!

Here is an updated floor breakdown:

  1. Lucifer is now on the first floor. He’s pretty much no threat to Ceres’s leader skill so it is recommended to stall for skills as long as necessary.
  2. The twinlits have moved to floor 2, but are still quite easy to take care of as Angelit makes hearts which will allow Ceres to survive while slowly grinding them down. Don’t be afraid to use healing actives if you don’t get enough hearts from Angelit. Try to finish them off before they get under 20%; I used Michael to make sure they were dead.
  3. Michael is another good chance to stall for skills. It’s likely you can survive the largest Soul Scales hit if you use a healing active beforehand, but be sure to finish him off soon as you don’t want to be taking too many.
  4. Uriel is usually a critical floor for a Ceres team as your GSonia or AvaD full board change needs to generate at least two wood row to ensure you have enough damage to change Uriel from fire to light. Once you get him to change to light he’s harmless so be sure to charge up your skills before proceeding.
  5. Raphael is a simple damage check. Use orb changes if you have to.
  6. One wood row should take care of Gabriel.
  7. Sandalphon is the new boss of the dungeon and you’ll actually have to pay attention this time instead of literally facerolling Lucifer. Where Lucifer is always dark and thus no threat to Ceres, Sandalphon changes to water at 50%. His first move after changing to water is a 10-turn god bind that isn’t much of a threat to us — it only hits Michael and AvadD — but you won’t be able to rely on Ceres’s leader skill to tank hits. He hits pretty hard, so to work around this I slowly ground him down just short of 50%. I then used AvaD’s board change in an attempt to burst him down the rest of the way.  It’s important to use AvaD here as he’ll be bound by Sandalphon if you fail to kill him. In my case, I got the perfect board, but choked matching the third row so I was short of killing him. That’s not a huge problem, though, because while he bound Michael and AvaD I still had GSonia’s board change and the elemental advantage assured the kill.

Looking ahead to version 5, the only change is Lucifer is the boss again and Sandalphon is on the first floor. The only implication is that you’ll have to blow your cooldowns to finish off Sandalphon, but in all likelihood you’ll be able to get them back up before Uriel while you finish off the twinlits and Michael. I don’t foresee any problems with using this team again for another free Py.