Beelzebub Project – Done!

I got the last two Wood Jewels I needed from Hera-Ur, uevoed my remaining Beelzebubs and fed them for the guaranteed skill ups. This project took about 16 days, obviously significantly accelerated by generous stone usage. I used about 12 stones to get the necessary jewels that I didn’t already have. The EXP came mostly from Snow Globes saved up over time and fodder from alt. coin dungeons. I can’t really say it would be worth it to travel this route on just natural stamina, especially from scratch, but it beats farming Badpys for sure.

The next question is whether I +297 him. I almost certainly will, especially with 5x technicals coming on Monday. Then the follow up question is: will I +egg his team? I’m not sure about that, but I’m leaning towards: yes, kinda. I’ll almost certainly hypermax my Haku, but I’m still on the fence on +egging potential subs like Persephone, RSonia and D/W Batman. I’m still undecided if I want to focus on prongs or rows; rows definitely seems more mainstream, reliable and powerful, but I love me some TPAs.

While I have plenty of +eggs saved up — and I’m expecting at least 150 more come Monday — I’m also considering feeding away my hypermaxed Athena and Meimei. Well, I’d preferably keep my Athena, but I think I’m in the clear to feed away Meimei. I have a second one max skilled should I need her again and I’m thinking of putting Apocalypse on my Athena team now that he has skill up fodder and his cooldown is being reduced to 10 turns.