Challenge Dungeons 4 Lv9

IMG_4277 This was my first time tackling Lv9 and it was an overwhelming success due to ideal subs and tons of +eggs. Most of the floors are quite easy for a Verdandi team, although I got some good luck that helped me reach the required damage to get past Threedia and Zaerog. Team Composition

  • Verdandi – There really isn’t much to say here that I haven’t before. I keep repeating that it’s a good idea to use Verdandi’s board change defensively and that remains true.
  • Perseus – I chose Perseus over Sasuke here since I figured I’d be doing more tanking and Perseus’s heartmaking would be nice to have. That wasn’t really the case, but I still prefer Perseus overall. I’m strongly considering using my Woodpys on him even though his survey dungeon will eventually come to NA.
  • Liu Bei
  • Liu Bei
  • GZL – There are two floors with over 6 million health so GZL’s active is stretched a bit thin. I decided to save it for Zaerog instead of Threedia, but I got some lucky skyfall to finish off Threedia before his nuke. If I had to attempt this again I’d seriously consider using GZL on Threedia and trying my best to stall on Dragon Zombie.
  • Verdandi

Everyone is max skilled. Floor Breakdown

  1. Volcano Dragon is annoying since he’s fire and messes with our wood orbs, but he doesn’t do much damage so you should be safe slowly grinding him down and saving your actives for later.
  2. Aurora Dragon, on the other hand, is a piece of cake. Try to one-shot him so you don’t have to deal with the increased water orb debuff.
  3. Holy Dragon has his usual countdown-based attack (three turns I think?) which will give you a breather. He has rather low HP so it should be no problem to take him out before time is up.
  4. Devil Dragon hits like a truck, but his 2-turn timer should give you enough time to recover. Time the turn timer correctly so you have two turns to take him out before he can use his <50% HP enrage attack.
  5. This is the first tricky floor. You basically have three turns to deal 6 million damage to Threedia before his bind-into-nuke combo comes into effect. I underestimated the amount of damage I had to do and was bailed out by a skyfall wood TPA to finish him off. Use your actives freely; you can deal with the consequences later. It’s also a possibility to bring Ceres to deal with the bind giving you an extra turn, but I think I’d rather have the orb change.
  6. Dragon Zombie gives us a nice breather before Zaerog. I’d think it would be possible to stall here as he gives you two turns to recover from his attacks. Just be careful of his dragon bind at 50% HP which will affect any Liu Beis you’re using.
  7. Zaerog gives you two turns to deal 6 million damage (as his gravity attack is basically a free turn). If you have all your actives up, this should be quite simple. I had a Verdandi, Liu Bei and GZL active to play with which was more than enough; I used Liu Bei first then Verdandi + GZL to finish him off. I actually got his dark absorb shield which made me regret not putting GZL in the first sub slot. Luckily Verdandi and Liu Bei both remove dark orbs so I wasn’t put in the unfortunate situation of GZL’s dark subtype keeping Zaerog alive, then dying to the next attack. If you can’t kill him in two turns I suppose it is still possible to finish him off, but as I don’t know what kind of attacks he does after the gravity — and PDX is a bit ambiguous as to what exactly he does — I can’t really give any advice.

Looking Ahead Lv9’s 5th version looks to be quite a bit more difficult as Dragon Zombie is swapped out for an Extreme King Metal Dragon. While it’s possible to kill it without a GZL active, it’s far from guaranteed. If using GZL there is a necessity, that makes Threedia and Zaerog all that more difficult. Well, I do have a second GZL that I max skilled so that may be a thing…