Awoken Bastet Art!


The sausage to waifu ratio on your typical Verdandi team may be improving soon.

Outside of being an avid Verdandi user, I’m really curious where they are going to take the awoken Egyptian 1 gods. Rainbow and pure combo gods really need a boost overall to compete with the new 36 and 49x hotness; combo skill needs to be rewarded just as much, if not more, than pressing active skills after all. LKali’s uevo was a good start; I can only hope the Egyptians get an even better buff. Particularly Anubis; I always felt the game was best balanced when the “best god” in the game also required the most skill to use.

I’m in the camp thinking that Guan Yinping and Medjed seem the most likely evo mats; hopefully we’ll find out all the details sooner rather than later (getting Medjed on NA would be nice too…).