Skill Up Log – D/W Batman

This is the first time I’ve used a Py. I figure a collab monster is a fairly safe target.

Speaking of which, I’ve found it’s easy to get caught up in what-if scenarios that prevent me from using Pys. For example, when Izanagi’s skill up fodder was introduced I thought: “whew, glad I didn’t waste my Shynpys on him.” However, fear of this type of scenario shouldn’t discourage you from using your Pys. Skill ups are one of the most powerful stat buffs in the game and if you’re going to be using the monster a lot, it’s going to be worth it. That being said, if said monster already has an easily obtainable skill up fodder it will likely be worth waiting.

Py usage is an important decision, with no easy answer. Currently I’m considering using Woodpys on Perseus even though his survey dungeon will eventually come to NA; I just use him so much that it may be worth it. At the very least it will save me the heartbreak of skilling up a Hero through Fairies.