Skill Up Log – Drawn Joker, CDD, Fuma Kotaro

Just some random skill ups from farming Dark Insect and Dragon in Motley coin dungeons. I threw in Fuma Kotaro skill ups from Dark Faerie for the hell of it. I probably won’t cover the drop rates, just know that Pierdra drops “a lot” and CDD skill ups (Mutecocoon) on Mythical drops 100%.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Drawn Joker 17 5 29.41%
CDD 18 7 38.89%
Fuma Kotaro 20 4 20.00%

Surprisingly, it’s been a while since my last skill up post. I looked back and there’s a lot of monsters I’ve max skilled, but just didn’t post about for some reason. The list includes: Vampire (my first one, surprisingly), Bastet, Chiyome, and Light Wee Jas, to name a few. I may cover Light Wee Jas at a later date if I can uncover the screenshot. My current skill up rate is 529/2800 or 18.89%. That’s +0.19% since my last skill up post. I hit a pretty nice hot streak; perhaps hitting 19% isn’t a dream after all (who am I kidding).