Farming Red Sprite

Here are the results of farming Yamato Takeru’s survey dungeon: Red Sprite.

Red Sprite – Expert
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
None 7 280 0
1.5x 7 280 0
2x 15 600 2
Total 29 1160 0
Fire Faerie Red Pirate
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
None 5 0.71 56.00 2 0.29 140.00
1.5x 5 0.71 56.00 6 0.86 46.67
2x 11 0.73 54.55 13 0.87 46.15
Total 21 0.72 55.24 21 0.72 55.24

Considering the low number of runs, there really isn’t much to make of these stats. I got super lucky on the no bonus and 1.5x bonus days for Fire Faeries and I also had good luck on the skill ups, so the number of runs was kept to a minimum. I’m planning on doing a few more runs on the last 2x day to hopefully skill up another YT. I’m still planning on compiling the stats for all these survey dungeons, but it feels like it will take a while to get a meaningful number of runs.

I only farmed Expert since I didn’t have much use for extra Red Pirate drops, but I did max skill my first Chiyome. She wasn’t a very high priority since I’ll likely be able to skill her up running Legendary Seaway whenever I attempt to skill up my second ROdin.

Perhaps the more interesting numbers are from my Rubylit farming:

Dungeon of Fire – Tunnel Dragon 1/2 Stamina
Monster Runs Stam Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
Rubylit 107 321 49 0.46 6.55

Farming these is boring as hell and bad streaks are maddening, but overall it’s not so bad. Much better than farming Chaser evo mats, anyways.