Skill Up Log – Yamato Takeru


It seems that the skill up hell never ends (and probably never will); the next in line being Yamato Takeru. Being another evo-to-skill-up fodder, I was dreading this due to my past misfortune with Haku and Pandora. Turns it wasn’t so bad.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Yamato Takeru 19 5 26.32%

I’ve had much more luck skilling up during the two week debut of a survey dungeon than when doing it when it comes back through a coin dungeon or whatever. Of course, there’s no correlation to the success rate and when it’s done, but it would be a lot easier on my psyche if my fortunes were reversed as the multiple bonus drop rate periods make it a lot easier to deal with poor rates.

I’m likely going to try to skill up a second YT, if only for preparation for things like Gadius. I’m already trying to max skill a second Pandora. While NA getting Juggler seems unlikely, if GungHo keeps pushing heart-based ATK bonuses the Heroes and Archangels are only going to get better; even better in multiples. I’m already anticipating Andromeda skill ups and Awoken Lakshmi.