Skill Up Log – Mitsuki, Holy Dragon, GrimRock, Ur-Chimera

RO Collab isn’t that impressive for skill ups, but I decided to try my luck on Mitsuki and Holy Dragon anyways.

Monster Tries Success Rate
Mitsuki 28 5 17.86%
Holy Dragon 10 3 30.00%
GrimRock 40 7 17.50%
Ur-Chimera 19 2 10.53%

Mitsuki went about as well as could be expected, although it took me about 8 single feeds to get her last skill up. While there shouldn’t be any difference between single and multiple feeds, I can’t help but feel better about doing batch feeds even for the last skill up. Maybe it’s just easier on my psyche.

Holy Dragon went exceptionally well at 30% considering how difficult it is to get Skeggiold to drop. Skilling up off “rare” drops is one of the most aggravating things ever, so while I have another 4 skill ups to go I’m just going to give up here. Particularly since the L/L Fagan system, which a max skilled Holy Dragon is a key part of, now has multiple replacements in Sun Wukong, Vritra and Goemon, to name a few.

I remember GrimRock being used in some video for something or other, but I can’t remember what. TBH I don’t see why you’d ever use him over Kushinadahime, even if he is one turn faster. And Ur-Chimera is, uhh, Ur-Chimera. I’m not sad I only went 2/19 on him.

My current skill up rate is 591/3116 or 18.97%. That’s +0.08% since my last skill up post. Am I really going to hit 19% again? I doubt it.