Why You Should Get an Amberjack

1880 - Ruler of Toyama Bay, Cold AmberjackThe uevo for this magnificent bastard just came out on NA and by no coincidence he is available as a drop in Gold Bowl Dragon. Amberjack is particularly interesting for two reasons: 1) blue is the color of IAP, so any farmable water orb changer is worthy of attention and 2) the recent influx of leader skills with heart-based ATK bonuses on JP makes every heartmaker relevant again. Well, Amberjack fulfills both roles with his dark to water, wood to heart orb change, making him a respectable farmable replacement for Andromeda and Gabriel.

Amberjack fits nicely onto the teams of a number premier water leaders including:

1955 - Awoken Lakshmi1733 - Blue Chain Starsea Goddess, Andromeda1674 - Norn of the Future, Skuld1089 - Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia1333 - Blessed River Goddess, Sarasvati1662 - Goddess of the Starry Sky, Nut

Here are some other reasons to consider him:

  • Provides a decent HP boost to newer teams.
  • Orb change has the same cooldowns as Andromeda and Gabriel.
  • Combining his orb change with Karin’s results in a 2/3 water, 1/3 heart board.
  • Combines with Siegfried or BValk to make a 2/3 water board.
  • His uevo form is a respectable physical lead for clearing Guan Yinping, Zhang Fei and Gravis.
  • His “Amberjack” form is a respectable low cost lead, coming in at 12 cost, but probably not a realistic option for Gaia due to the elemental weakness.
  • He’s somewhat painful to skill up (50k EXP, 4 Sapphlits, 1 Blue Evo Mask). It’s costly, but now there’s at least the option of guaranteed uevo skill ups.
  • Who doesn’t want to fuck things up with a fucking badass fish on their team?