Thoughts on the New Egyptian 1 Awoken Uevos

I have to say, I’m really pleased they are going with the “use a skill” mechanic rather than continuing with “match some hearts” for the extra ATK multiplier. Whatever one may think of the new awoken uevos, it can’t be denied that a different mechanic — especially one less intrusive to combo-based gameplay — was sorely needed to not only buck the trend, but make a wider variety of subs more relevant (than, say, just the Heroes pantheon). I mean, when subs like Super Gunma are being considered, it can only be good for the game. I won’t analyze the new uevos, but I will say they all seem extremely good. I’m looking forward to the improvements they give Isis and, hopefully, to Anubis too.

Also, if NA gets the PAD Academy REM, I may have to switch to the ramen diet for several months after.