Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv7


There’s not too much to say here since the 4th and 5th versions of the dungeon appear to be identical except the Keeper of Gold and Ancient Mask floors are swapped. With the Keeper on the first floor, you’re harder pressed to hit the damage check as you don’t have any floors to stall for skills on. This can be particularly rough on some dark teams due to the dark absorb shield, but for most teams doing 7 million damage over 6 turns isn’t too difficult. Other than that, the dungeon remains the same, so check out my previous posts for more information.

Looking Ahead

The 6th version of Lv7 introduces Medjed — also meaning NA will likely get Medjed Descends within the next month — and Osiris. Just looking at the preliminary stats on PDX, these those two appear to make the dungeon significantly harder. On top of dealing with Medjed’s leader swap skill and Osiris light and dark 50% resistance, they both hit relatively hard.