Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv9


Lv9 had a couple of changes from the previous version. It was made into a no continue dungeon, but that is something we wanted to do anyways. It also swapped out Zombie Dragon on the penultimate floor in favor of an Extreme King Metal Dragon. Unlike Lv7 and 8, this one change significantly altered the way I had to approach the dungeon as it now requires consecutive burst on the last 3 floors.

Team Composition

The main change was eschewing an orb changer — in this case Sasuke — for a second GZL. I added him so I’d have enough burst to take down the Extreme King and Zaerog back-to-back. The lack of a quick orb changer required me to approach the dungeon differently, especially since I couldn’t use Sasuke to take advantage of Aurora Dragon’s increased water orb debuff.

Everyone is max skilled, including the second GZL, but it’s not necessary for the GZLs to be skilled up for this strat.

Floor Breakdown

  1. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to one shot Volcano Dragon without a quick orb changer so you’ll have to deal with this increased fire orb debuff along with this fire absorb shield, a very annoying combination that makes it difficult to finish him off. Since he doesn’t hit particularly hard, I decided to wait out his debuffs. During this time, it’s advisable to do enough damage to get him to switch to wood. I used a Verdandi active to do this and heal up. He hits harder at less that 50% health so be sure to heal him up with fire attacks if you plan on tanking him. Once he’s switched to wood and the debuffs are gone, stall as much as you’d like to get any used actives back up, then finish him off with all/most of your actives up.
  2. I would not use any orb changers here against Aurora Dragon. Your initial salvo should get him to about 25% HP due to elemental advantage. He hits harder than Volcano Dragon, but you should be able to take enough hits to finish him off from there. The water orb debuff is annoying, but it also increases skyfall combos which will help your healing.
  3. Holy Dragon has his usual countdown-based attack (three turns I think?) which will give you a breather. He has rather low HP so it should be no problem to take him out before time is up. Take this chance to heal up. Avoid active use at all costs.
  4. Devil Dragon hits like a truck, but his 2-turn timer should give you enough time to recover. Time the turn timer correctly so you have two turns to take him out before he can use his <50% HP enrage attack and without having to use any actives.
  5. Threedia is the first damage check, giving you three turns to deal 6 million damage. At this point you should have every active up. You can freely use orb changes here. In my case I used a Liu Bei which got him down to about 50%, a Verdandi which then got him to about 10%, then finished him off with whatever was left on the board. In a pinch you can use a GZL active, but I’d suggest saving both for the final two floors if at all possible.
  6. I thought the Extreme King would give me a lot of trouble, but it actually wasn’t that bad. He gives you 6 turns before his nuke. Use this time to set up your board. Three wood TPAs should allow a +297 Liu Bei to pierce his defense. Be sure to use a GZL if you have any doubts, but you shouldn’t have to use an orb change if you set the board up correctly. At worst, you should have a Verdandi, Liu Bei and GZL active ready for the next floor.
  7. Zaerog gives you two turns to deal 6 million damage as his gravity attack is basically a free turn. It’s certainly possible to recover from the gravity to survive more turns, but I wouldn’t count on it. Whether you can kill Zaerog at this point is a function of how well you managed  your actives in the rest of the dungeon. My second playthrough I actually got here with all my actives up except one GZL. Pretty much guaranteed kill, right? Well, on the first turn I made a simple two combo of wood TPAs to soften him up a bit before blowing all my actives. Well, the skyfall gods decided to troll me, as they are prone to do, and gave me a 15 combo, taking Zaerog below 30% health and activating his 100% gravity. I was not pleased. I one-shot him with 4 TPAs the next run, though.

Looking Ahead

The 6th version of Lv9 is a total revamp looking very much like Paradise of the Holy Beasts without the Tamadra floor. Oh, also, Defoud is on the first floor instead of the Rainbow Keeper. Just a small change.

Outside of Defoud, the entire dungeon might actually be easier than Paradise as you don’t have to deal with the Tama floor. The China girls don’t have much HP, many of them have multiple turn timers and there’s no annoying preemptives to deal with. Back to Defoud, he’s actually a pretty big problem. He’s much more difficult than his Legendary Hills version, hitting about 20% harder with about a million more HP. Being on the first floor, you don’t get a chance to get your skills up and his 6 combo shield can be annoying for those of us that are combo challenged. I’m not particularly sure what I’m going to do to clear this dungeon, but hopefully one of Verdandi or Beelzebub can do it.



6 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv9

    • I never pursued making videos as I didn’t think anyone would be interested in seeing a mediocre player get carried by their IAP team. I just recently invested in some video capture software, however, so I may make some out of curiosity and see where things go from there. Your interest also motivates me to do so!


  1. Yeah, I’d like to see your videos if you make them. It helps to see how others make combos, when to heal, when to use actives, etc. I would definitely watch them.
    Also, I just got a Verdandi (finally!!) in this latest Godfest and I would like to see how others use her.


    • Thanks for the interest. I recorded a rather embarrassing Lv9 run last night, but it got the job done. Once I do some rudimentary editing I’ll look into uploading it to YouTube.

      Grats on the Verdandi! Already +297 too. If I’m thinking of the right person, you’ve got a Liu Bei or two who should do some nice work on her team.


  2. Yeah, I’m Huggs in the game as well. I had the +eggs ready for her. I already have a Hypermax Liu Bei and two others that I’m working on as well. With the Verdandi team, I farmed Zhao Yun last night and hypermaxed my GZL too (with a lot of help from your hypermaxed Verdandi – thanks!). The team is looking much better!


    • Sounds like your team is coming along nicely. You won’t be disappointed with how well it plays! Congrats on the hypermax GZL.


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