Weekly Roundup 8


The Past Week:

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Godfest, likely Angels and something else (Egypt 1?). Will it be split?
  • 5x technicals Monday!
  • New coin rotation with the good alt. nomals (no dupe ones) and Haku/Hanzo skill up dungeon. I will also be running Water Mystical Dragon for Gabriel skill ups and Water War Dragon for water demon masks to prep for the Andromeda survey dungeon that should come out within the next month (pls gungho).
  • Cao Cao uevo stats and hopefully art if not stats for more Indian 1 or Egypt 1 awoken uevos.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot, I hope more PAD Academy art comes out (and stats if they aren’t just reskins). God, I would destroy my savings for that shit.