Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv10 Retrospective (2-stone)


Just some thoughts on my first Lv10 clear:

  • Make a strategy beforehand. Plan your cooldowns and potential damage output. You can’t just waltz into this dungeon and wing it unless you’re some kind of PAD god.
  • RCV is the key stat for this team. Any improvements for this team would start there.
  • Surprisingly 4 rows was enough damage even if making rows at that count isn’t optimal.
  • I’m slowly getting better at making optimal row boards, but there are just some boards that are much too difficult to set them up.
  • Committing the +eggs to CDD and Drawn Joker was worth it. They are usually garbage subs, but are critical in clearing this dungeon.
    • Anri would be such a huge upgrade over CDD, providing a row and 511 RCV. PAD BT collab pls gungho.
    • Pandora should also be a significant upgrade to DJ. I’ll be feeding him to her as soon as her uevo is released (she has +4 eggs already, thus the +293 to DJ).
  • Batman is nice, but not necessary. Baddie seems reasonable here, but Loki might be the ideal enhancer since his buff persists over multiple floors, has two rows and provides a respectable 477 or 527 RCV, depending on the uevo. Sadly, I don’t have one and don’t have any plans on rolling in a Norsefest, so I’ll make do with Batman.
  • A lot of luck is involved. Even with DJ, there never seems to be enough hearts.
  • CDD + Haku are the backbone of the team. They can’t be replaced by a RSonia as she can’t be relied on to make enough dark orbs and the extra 6 cooldown turns are an eternity when you can barely heal back up.
  • This version of the dungeon seemed relatively easy. I’m not sure I can clear future versions without spending many, many stones.
  • If you replace Batman with Baddie, this team only has one REM monster in Haku. REM monsters are important, but hypermaxes are key.
  • My current Verdandi team can’t do this. There’s just way too much incoming damage and the bosses have too much HP. I’d likely have to move towards to a more tanky balanced-based team, but there’s no point since I could just use Beelzebub.