Skill Up Log – Gabriel and Uriel

Monster Tries Success Rate
Gabriel 19 3 15.79%
Uriel 29 5 17.24%

Most of the farming for this was done through the Mystic Dragon coin dungeon, but I also had some random ones lying around from descends that I saved for the 2.5x event. I didn’t have much luck, but the 2.5x event has otherwise been nice to me.

As an aside, I don’t understand why Mystic Water Dragon drops Cockatrice at a 66% rate while Mystic Fire Dragon drops Minotaurs 100%. Very annoying.

Hopefully NA gets 2.5x skill up bonus every event. I’ve heard that’s what happens on JP, but I can’t be bothered to confirm that or not. If so, I won’t be needing my 2x data anymore. In the end, I went 607/3191 for a 19.02% rate. I’m amazed that I got back above 19%. It took a very, very hot streak to get there. Under 2.5x, I’m 57/239 or 23.85%. Not great, but I’m not complaining either. Yet.