Finding Uses for Susano


Monster Tries Success Rate
Susano 18 5 27.78%

I’ve been slowly working on Susano ever since since the last Gunma Collab last September. He’s slowly gotten better since I first pulled his ugly mug from the REM after several balance updates, but he’s never really been a high priority for skill ups. Thanks to some random bowl dragon runs and a great skill up rate, he’s finally max skilled.

That got me thinking about what I could possibly use him for. His active is quite powerful, but where would he fit best? Susano is probably just worse than the other premier damage reduction subs since he straddles the middle ground; he neither has a quick cooldown (DIzanami), a large damage reduction (Indra) or good up time (Baggi Nek0). He does give some breathing room for a Verdandi or similar RCV-challenged team to recover some health and reduce some cooldown ticks. In dungeons that I can’t just one-shot every floor with my Verdandi team, I’m going to give him strong consideration for my flex spot.

I’m also wondering if you could cheese Lv10 running three max skill Susanos for an infinite 50% damage reduction, barring skill binds. For Verdandi, the main issue would be having enough burst to avoid nukes. While GZL should be able to provide that burst, you’d be relying heavily on Verdandi to provide enough wood orbs to do so. It could be worth checking out, but I don’t have the patience to farm leeks through the bowl dragons to find out. Maybe if Gunma Collab ever comes back.