Weekly Roundup 9


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv10 2-stone clear
  • 14 ranks, reached 250 stamina
  • Need to cut back my stone usage. I don’t foresee many things eating my stones in the near future, but I tell myself that every week, then find myself 20 or so stones lighter at the end of it.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • Andromeda and Liu Bei survey dungeon
  • NA maintenance – stamina overflow looks likely; will we get any new uevos?
  • New NA event likely to be announced later this week
  • PAD Academy REM stats and hopefully more monsters announced – Secretly praying for improved versions of farmable cards, kind of like what Gigas got except maybe as REM silver eggs. Nothing impressive, but giving old staples like Echidna, Siren and Vampire a relevant awakening or two would be neat (although I don’t know how well snake- and fish-girls would go with the academy theme).
  • Cao Cao stats when?