How Good is the New Athena?

Wood gets another triple dong, but how good is she? She’s merely good. I was going to detail all the specifics of why I think so, but the reasoning wasn’t all that compelling as one truth seemed to overshadow everything: she’s a 7-star; on the order of Bikinitron or Santa Sakuya rarity. Unless she has a base form or a way to switch between them — please say there is — you aren’t even guaranteed to get the form you want if you roll one. It didn’t seem worth the effort considering very few will even get her, especially when Verdandi and Liu Bei are better leaders and subs respectively and much “easier” to obtain.

Despite that, there’s still a lot of upside. She addresses her original’s biggest deficiency, packing a whopping 653 RCV. While this could be expected of her healer form, she now has the highest RCV of any attacker, including healer/attackers. The dongs supply the flash, but this RCV could be the underlying reason why she’s great as both a leader and sub. The dongs also distract from the fact that she could be a great wood row leader; her original was already adept at doing so, now she can take advantage of being wood main too. The skill bind resist should not be overlooked, either, as those awakenings are important in the late to end game.

Now to wait and see if NA gets this REM. It seems to be likely as there shouldn’t be any licensing issues, but we don’t know the full contents of the REM yet. And with GungHo, you never really know anyways.


5 thoughts on “How Good is the New Athena?

    • Yep, this is correct.

      I have a hard time seeing anyone but glasses maniacs doing that evo, though, especially since the 3 green fairy requirement seems somewhat ridiculous considering there’s no good place to farm them outside of Perseus’s survey dungeon.


  1. I think you’re right about the rarity of actually getting one being the biggest downside. However, I would say that she would bring an element to the Verdandi team that is lacking, in her active skill of enhancing wood orbs. (Specifically after orb conversions, since almost none of the wood orbs are enhanced after a Verdandi or Liu Bei orb change). With all the enhanced orb awakenings on the team, the enhancement multiplier could be quite high, especially on 4 wood TPAs. I’d be curious to see how much that would actually affect the damage output.


    • You bring up a good point with the orb enhance; I likely overlooked it because I wasn’t particularly impressed with it on my old Athena team. The issue with orb enhances is they scale better the more enhanced orbs you clear in a single combo. On a TPA-based team, this limits the effectiveness as you’re only matching 4 at a time. While Athena’s orb enhance will add a good deal of damage it won’t add as much as a GZL or Delagado on a 4 TPA board. However, if you’re looking for consistent damage off a majority wood Verdandi + Liu Bei board, the orb enhance will add significantly more damage. It’s a good option to keep in mind.


  2. She’s another option for Noah/Kanetsugu-style descended dungeons (on JP, at least, where sub-attributes count) – you can swap in her into a Verdandi and GZL team without losing much in the way of power. Definitely a niche use though.

    Verdandi (Fire)/W. Athena (Light)/GZL (Dark)/Liu Bei/Marine Rider (Water)/Verdandi
    GZL (Dark)/Marine Rider (Water)/Sasuke/Liu Bei (Fire)/W. Athena (Light)/GZL


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