NA’s Latest Slight

NA has been slighted again in the update department. The fact that EU is getting features before us only adds insult to injury. After any perceived GungHo slight, within the ensuing sea of internet rage there are always a few apologists. Whether they genuinely want to defend GungHo or just enjoy being contrary or smug I’m not always sure, but there’s a few lines of logic that they generally use that is just outright wrong. For my own mental health, I want to address a few.

“Complaining Isn’t Going to Help”

This is the reasoning I hate the most. It may indeed be correct since GungHo NA or their parent company have consistently demonstrated they don’t really care what their NA customers think. It may also be correct that complaining isn’t going to speed up the update in question. However, the customer shouldn’t stop complaining because of that. If they feel they are being wronged, they need to speak up. If not, that will only guarantee nothing will ever change in the future.

“Just Be Patient”

This is basically just the previous issue spun in a positive light. If you keep it to yourself no one will ever know it concerns you.

“It’s a Software Issue”

This is just a deflection of the main criticism. Yes, there may have been software issues that prevented certain updates from rolling out, but that in itself is a demonstration of GungHo’s incompetence. I won’t speculate on their software processes, but whatever they may be — if any formal ones even exist — have to be reliable enough to take working functionality from JP and have it work on other regions, logistical limitations notwithstanding. If not, that is just gross incompetence and negligence of their duty to produce a quality product. They were the ones that decided to expand globally to take our money, after all; they need a process to back it up.

“They Never Said We Were Getting Anything”

This is the most valid counter-criticism as they never did announce anything outside the evo skill changes, which we actually got. However, once again, it’s just trying to deflect the main issue based on a technicality. The fact is NA has to play a guessing game with every update, with no rhyme or reason to the delay between JP and corresponding NA updates. If another, non-JP region got an update, it’s within reason to expect those updates on NA.

“Just Quit If You Don’t Like It”

Okay, perhaps this is the reasoning I hate the most. Someone wouldn’t complain about something if they didn’t care about it. They complain because they like it and want it to be better. Why would one quit something when there is hope that it could be improved? Their complaints may seem inane in certain cases, but just because they don’t strike a chord doesn’t mean their voice should be oppressed; every perspective counts.

I’ve dealt with many foreign-based games before and PAD is just as frustrating as any of them. Complaining will fall on deaf ears which breeds more complaining which breeds complainers about complainers. It’s a sorry state, but PAD is still a great game regardless. They were on a roll before this hiccup, hopefully this latest misstep is just that and we can go back to enjoying the game we love.


2 thoughts on “NA’s Latest Slight

  1. Quoted from some random guy on PF… so may not be accurate, but it makes some sense:

    “… I think there is some confusion as to why the update is delayed in NA. As I understood it, the KR version (which came a day earlier) turned out to have some serious stability issues on android 5.1. As a result, GungHo pulled the update. I believe a number of players in the KR server have it much worse than you guys do: at least you can still play the game!

    The stability issue affects android only (specifically 5.1). In the EU there is no android client. So obviously this delay does not affect the EU rollout.”


    • It definitely makes sense. Sadly, GungHo has accumulated so little goodwill that almost no one will give them a free pass on what could be something that is very difficult to implement and/or deploy. I can only hope this discontent will push them to be a little more transparent in the future, but that seems unlikely.


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