Farming Blue Sprite

Here are the results of farming Andromeda’s survey dungeon: Blue Sprite.

Blue Sprite – Expert
Bonus Runs Stamina Stones
1.5x 47 1880 5
2x 49 1960 6
Total 96 3840 11
Blue Fairy
Bonus Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
1.5x 21 0.45 89.52 30 0.64 62.67
2x 45 0.92 43.56 49 1.00 40.00
Total 66 0.69 58.18 79 0.82 48.61

I also got 6 Fairies from running normal 1x, but unfortunately I didn’t record the results.

Despite my good run on Blue Fairies on the last 2x day, I want to forget about farming this dungeon since I was very stone-inefficient. I max skilled one Andromeda and I farmed up an extra 30 to skill up a second Andromeda which I’ll likely wait until the next 2.5x event to use. I’ve cooled a bit on running Lakshmi since Bastet was announced, but I still intend to get the team ready.

Dungeon of Water – The Cave Master 1/2 Stamina
Monster Runs Stam Drops Drop / Run Stam / Drop
Sapphlit 202 606 61 0.30 9.93

At about a 30% rate per run, this ‘Lit run was quite aggravating. I’ve done about 1000 runs of the intro dungeons for Hero skill ups and have consistently settled around a 40% rate given enough runs. I’m hoping this was just a bad run, because we still have two Hero survey dungeons to get through and if it continues to be this bad I may have to seek mental help. Perseus is a 100% necessity for my Verdandi team, but maybe I’ll just skip Wukong…

Also, just noticed GungHo refers to basically the same thing in four different ways: Blue Sprite (dungeon name), Water Faerie (sub-dungeon name), Blue Fairy (fodder base name), and Water Sprite (fodder evo name). I can see the distinction between fairy and sprite, but why fairy vs. faerie?