On Awoken Meimei

awoken meimei

Now that Awoken Meimei’s stats have been finalized…

Glad I Didn’t Feed Her Away

There was a point where I was considering dismantling my Athena team and feeding Meimei away for the +297. Now my patience is somewhat rewarded.

Glad I Have Another Max Skilled Meimei

Being happy about this a reflection of how they screwed up her active skill. While the new cooldown reduction clause is worlds ahead of the orb enhance, the strength of the China girls was being on a 9-turn cooldown. The cooldown reduction does seem quite powerful any may be worth the extra turn. However, I’m still glad I have another max skilled Meimei so I can have access to both.

Get Ready for More Awoken Chinese… or Not?

I’m not getting my hopes up on the other China girls getting awoken uevos soon. The Chinese pantheon is one of the least in need of awoken uevos. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meimei plays out similar to Kagutsuchi where the weakest link of the pantheon gets a buff and the train stops there. Meimei was the least powerful China girl due to her lack of in-color synergy. She was a good sub on an Athena farm team, but that’s about it. However, it’s futile trying to predict how GungHo does things so I also wouldn’t be surprised if the rest get awoken uevos by the end of the year. I just wouldn’t make any decisions based on it happening or not.

This Screws Up My Athena Team

Not sure about that as her G/L form is still plenty good there. It’s unfortunate for those that only have a single Meimei and have uses for both forms, but you still have a solid monster either way.

How Is She as a Lead?

I’m unsure how much damage her new leader skill reduces, but I believe it’s 25% reduction to wood, light and dark.

Let’s get the comparison to the awoken Greco-Romans out of the way. In PAD, it’s generally better to be specialized than diverse, so in this respect the Greco-Romans are more powerful. However, the Greco-Romans are generally used to cheese very specific dungeons; Awoken Meimei doesn’t occupy the same space and is better as a general use leader. Her active skill, awakenings and 3.5x ATK multiplier see to that.

So as a general use leader, how good is she? The colors she resists are actually quite convenient; you likely wouldn’t want to use her in a mostly fire dungeons due to elemental weakness anyways and not resisting water is made up for by elemental advantage. This positions her well against the elements she’s even against. 44% damage reduction basically translates to a significant HP and RCV boost and is nothing to scoff at. I’ll be intrigued to see how she’s used in the future.

Sadly, having a wood sub-element means there’s more constraints on her sub pool in order to meet her combo requirement. Luckily, there’s no shortage of good G/L and G/D monsters… like herself.

…And as a Sub?

She’s obviously a great sub and great on any wood team, but is there anywhere in particular that she shines brighter?

Aside from attacker synergies, she will be great on Awoken Bastet. The time extend, TPAs and board change are clearly great there, but the cooldown reduction also plays a significant role in readying more actives for Bastet’s leader skill.

More skill bind resists are always welcome, too.

What Else Can Be Gleaned?

With Awoken Meimei’s sub-element being wood, this completes the trifecta of her associated elements appearing as sub-elements on full versions of her card. It’s a bit of a stretch to use this as a basis of prediction, but it could be a possibility that the Chinese awoken uevos all complete their respective cycle. As most awoken uevos have the same main and sub-elements this may not be significant for Leilan and Karin, but it would be interesting to have a full sized dark/water Haku.

B-But Muh Kirin

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sakuya get a new uevo soon, considering she’s now the oldest 25x combo lead, but I don’t think that has any bearing on the rest of the pantheon getting awoken uevos or vice versa.


3 thoughts on “On Awoken Meimei

    • Looks like a great team; I can’t really think of anything better. Multiple Meimei cooldown reductions working in concert sounds pretty sexy. With a full Awoken Meimei team you’d have a board change available every turn. Sadly, you couldn’t actually do anything with the team since there’s nothing covering light or dark, but it’d be cool if you could.

      I’d consider using a Leeza over Sasuke if you need the burst. Meimei + Leeza should give you enough wood orbs for 3 TPAs. Otherwise Sasuke is the obvious choice, providing the 10th skill boost and Leeza’s skill bind is unnecessary.

      I never really realized Liu Bei was a bad Meimei sub until I tried thinking of alternatives for Athena. While he’d still be a serviceable sub in spite of his active clashing with Meimei, you’d also have to find another light sub too. Probably G/L Meimei, but yeah, Athena is an ideal sub.


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